Watch: Ultimate Shark Diving Moment

Still taken from the Ultimate Shark diving moment video, Bahamas 2015

By on 24 February 2017

I’m lucky enough to have been diving with sharks many times, but this has got to be one my favorite moments underwater ever.



I was able to film this video as a member of the dive team leading guests on weekly shark dives in the Bahamas in 2015. (The entire Bahamas is a National Shark Sanctuary, by the way.) We were just beginning the dive, and just as the chumsicle (frozen fish, yum!) was lowered into the water, the line broke. It had to be hauled back onto the boat deck, and it was in this moment that the sharks were looking everywhere for it. Even though they came close, I never felt threatened. They have super-developed senses, and can tell the difference between a human and a frozen fishsicle. Sharks don’t have hands to sense their environments, so they feel with their faces. Did you know that sharks have an extremely good sense of smell and that they also have and extra-sensory organ? In addition to the senses we have, they also have electroreceptors; pores called the ampullae of Lorenzini located on the underside of their nose (rostrum) let them sense electric fields. How cool is that? Just another reason I love sharks!

I’ll always remember this dive as one of my favorites, and I’m grateful to have a video to share it. I’d love to know about your favorite underwater experience! What’s been your most memorable dive/snorkel/water moment? Share in the comments below!


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