Diver above coral reef

A Guide To Diving Sustainably

By on 20 April 2017

Sustainable diving practices are equally important above and below the surface. If you’re wondering what it takes to be a responsible diver, follow this guide to minimizing your environmental impact underwater. Buoyancy, buoyancy, buoyancy! Sustainability means ensuring the health of the underwater world for future generations, and the best way to do that while diving […]

Split images of underwater and arial views from the National Geographic 360 video of Buck Island

Watch: 360° Video of Buck Island

By on 14 February 2017

Need a little escape from winter? Immerse yourself in the warm Caribbean without leaving your living room! This video will take you on a virtual journey to Buck Island Reef National Monument in the US Virgin Islands. Dive into the warm ocean water, witness the birth of baby sea turtles, and fly along for a stunning […]

Inspiring Conversations With Ocean Leaders – Online Now

By on 14 December 2016

The Blue Ocean Summit Features 14 Ocean Change-makers Sharing Their Stories of Success Hosted by Blue Ocean Network, the third annual Blue Ocean Summit celebrates “Uncommon Leaders in Transitional Times.” The speakers come from a range of backgrounds and work in diverse fields (art, music, science, business), but all share the same goal of creating a […]

Virtual Dives On The World’s Most Beautiful Reefs

By on 26 October 2016

Where do you want to go diving today? If you’re dreaming of the next time you’ll get underwater (like I am), then this is just what you need. Virtual dives, created by the XL Catlin Seaview Survey team in partnership with Google Streetview, will take you to reefs, wrecks, and big animal encounters all over […]