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Green Business & Travel Certifications: Sustainable Dive Ops Pt. IV

By on 12 June 2017

This is Part IV of the Guide to Finding Sustainable Dive Operators. Part I highlights dive training agency recognitions, Part II features scuba industry specific independent certifications, and Part III discusses voluntary standards for environmentally responsible diving. Non Diving-Industry Specific Certifications In the quest for a sustainable diving experience, you may need to look beyond the dive […]

Two divers with fish id slate

Do Good While You Dive

By on 22 May 2017

Most of us go diving simply because it’s something we enjoy doing. But diving can be more than just a good time, it can offer an opportunity to do good too. Here are some ideas for giving back to the ocean while diving— and still having fun! Underwater Surveys Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) Volunteer […]

Dive boats moored offshore

Voluntary Standards: Sustainable Dive Operators Pt. III

By on 9 May 2017

Sustainable dive operators all follow guidelines for implementing environmental best practices. Here are some excellent examples of voluntary standards created by, and for, dive operators in different areas around the world.

A green sea turtle underwater

Shop Smart: Souvenirs

By on 2 May 2017

Shopping responsibly makes a big difference for highly trafficked, and increasingly endangered, wildlife species. Here’s a quick look at what to look out for.

Diver above coral reef

A Guide To Diving Sustainably

By on 20 April 2017

Sustainable diving practices are equally important above and below the surface. If you’re wondering what it takes to be a responsible diver, follow this guide to minimizing your environmental impact underwater. Buoyancy, buoyancy, buoyancy! Sustainability means ensuring the health of the underwater world for future generations, and the best way to do that while diving […]

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Is Your Sunscreen Killing The Reef?

By on 13 April 2017

Did you know that many sunscreens contain substances that cause coral bleaching, development and reproduction defects, and can also be toxic to fish and other marine life? Research is still being done to determine the effects of sunscreens pollution on marine life, so of course this information may be subject to change. But from what […]