Fish abound on a colorful coral reef. Healthy oceans are a priority in 2017.

Want A Healthier Ocean Planet? 10 Resolutions For 2017

By on 21 January 2017

How I’m prioritizing the health of the ocean and planet with a few simple goals this year, and you can too. For me, the most urgent issue at this moment is the future of the ocean— the ocean is everything. Without a healthy ocean the rest of the planet (all 29 percent of it) is nothing. […]

Diving For A Difference

By on 28 November 2016

Sea Crowd envisions a new way for divers to contribute to ocean science with the Oceans Eye. I happened upon the Oceans Eye booth at the DEMA Show almost on accident. But as soon as I heard what they were doing I was hooked! If you could help collect data for scientists studying the oceans, […]

Post-Election Blues

By on 16 November 2016

I have been struggling for the past week with how and what to say to adequately untangle the strands of the mess left by this US election. I spent the first three days obsessively reading every article on the current climate situation — policies, proposed policies, COP22, the Paris Agreement, whether or not it can […]

5 Habits For Healthy Oceans

By on 1 November 2016

Make a difference by protecting our ocean’s health from home. We all want a clean and healthy ocean, as it not only benefits the creatures living in the ocean, but helps keep us and the air we breathe healthy too. Our oceans are facing many man-made challenges right now, from plastic pollution to warming waters to […]