Dive buddies underwater

All About That Reef-Fish Conservation

By on 28 September 2017

My month of conservation work included participating in a fish survey training course and helping out on a regional post-larval reef fish monitoring exercise.

Save our national monuments graphic

Action Alert: Save Our National Monuments!

By on 15 May 2017

Public comments are now being accepted by the U.S. Department of the Interior on their reviews of National Monuments, including 5 Marine National Monuments, for potential oil, gas and other extraction. We must act now to make our voices heard in defense of these important protected places!

Anemone and clown fish at Baker Island

The Marine National Monuments Under Threat

By on 28 April 2017

On Wednesday, the U.S. President signed another executive order, this time directing the Secretary of the Interior to review the status of 24 National Monuments, including 5 important Marine National Monuments. I won’t bore you with the politics, but in short, this does not bode well for the States’ protected public lands and waters. Relaxing […]

Mangroves meet seagrass beds in a protected area of Utila, Honduras

5 Ways Wetlands Can Save the World

By on 17 February 2017

Wetlands are important and somewhat under-appreciated ecosystems that can greatly benefit humans, if we let them. When you think of wetlands, what do you picture? Do you imagine lush marshes filled by flocks of migrating birds, or mysterious mangrove forests, or the frozen arctic tundra? Maybe, but if you grew up in an urban area […]

Split images of underwater and arial views from the National Geographic 360 video of Buck Island

Watch: 360° Video of Buck Island

By on 14 February 2017

Need a little escape from winter? Immerse yourself in the warm Caribbean without leaving your living room! This video will take you on a virtual journey to Buck Island Reef National Monument in the US Virgin Islands. Dive into the warm ocean water, witness the birth of baby sea turtles, and fly along for a stunning […]