Say No To Plastic spelled out in the sand

Epic Beach Clean Up Success!

By on 14 July 2017

The community of Utila came together for a beach clean up of a turtle nesting area along the South Shore, where we collected an incredible amount of trash.

Beach scene with small boat

Turtles and Trash

By on 5 July 2017

The days and weeks keep flying by! Turtles and ocean trash have been on my mind lately, and keep coming up in everything I’ve been doing. So here’s what’s been goin’ on lately…   💻 Caribbean islands are better for outdoor activities than computer screen time, and slow/occasionally nonexistent internet speeds don’t help. But I’ve […]

divers on boat with trash

Dive Against Debris Success!

By on 9 June 2017

We celebrated World Oceans Day with a Dive Against Debris underwater clean up!

Mangroves meet seagrass beds in a protected area of Utila, Honduras

5 Ways Wetlands Can Save the World

By on 17 February 2017

Wetlands are important and somewhat under-appreciated ecosystems that can greatly benefit humans, if we let them. When you think of wetlands, what do you picture? Do you imagine lush marshes filled by flocks of migrating birds, or mysterious mangrove forests, or the frozen arctic tundra? Maybe, but if you grew up in an urban area […]

Merry Sharkmas!

By on 22 December 2016

Well, 2016 is almost at an end. It’s been a crazy roller-coaster of a year. I’ve been pretty much living out of a suitcase while splitting my year between three “homes” (California/Utila/Sweden). I am still reeling from the devastation of the current/future political situation. I am still grappling with the “how can this be happening” […]

Plastic Seas

By on 20 October 2016

Plastic pollution is a global issue that I have witnessed first-hand, and it’s probably worse than you can imagine. Do you remember a world before plastic? I don’t– but it wasn’t so long ago. Even in my lifetime, I have seen the trend toward a single-use, throw-away culture. Now that I stop to think, it seems like […]