A Caribbean reef shark emerges from the darkness.

Shark Conservation, 10 Years After Sharkwater

By on 9 February 2017

The sad news of Sharkwater director Rob Stewart’s death last week prompted me to think about his lasting impact on shark conservation worldwide, and how much work is still left to be done. “There’s no other animal on the planet that’s remained unchanged for 400 million years. There’s no other animal that could survive 5 major extinctions […]

A giant manta ray, seen from below, glides gracefully through the water.

Saving Indonesia’s Manta Rays: A Story of Hope

By on 31 January 2017

Misool Baseftin’s A New Day In Lamakera Project Helps Manta Rays and Their Would-Be Hunters Live Sustainably and Harmoniously Every diver has a bucket list of dive destinations— the best spot for particular marine life, the most pristine, the most remote. Towards the top of my bucket list is Raja Ampat, Indonesia. A remote archipelago located […]

Before The Flood

By on 30 October 2016

This is important. “If you could know the truth about the threat of climate change — would you want to know?”   Before The Flood, the new documentary from Leonardo DiCaprio and filmmaker Fisher Stevens, presented by National Geographic is now streaming! Watch on your favorite internet media channel as they explore the current effects of […]