Still taken from the Ultimate Shark diving moment video, Bahamas 2015

Watch: Ultimate Shark Diving Moment

By on 24 February 2017

I’m lucky enough to have been diving with sharks many times, but this has got to be one my favorite moments underwater ever.     I was able to film this video as a member of the dive team leading guests on weekly shark dives in the Bahamas in 2015. (The entire Bahamas is a National […]

Mangroves meet seagrass beds in a protected area of Utila, Honduras

5 Ways Wetlands Can Save the World

By on 17 February 2017

Wetlands are important and somewhat under-appreciated ecosystems that can greatly benefit humans, if we let them. When you think of wetlands, what do you picture? Do you imagine lush marshes filled by flocks of migrating birds, or mysterious mangrove forests, or the frozen arctic tundra? Maybe, but if you grew up in an urban area […]

5 Habits For Healthy Oceans

By on 1 November 2016

Make a difference by protecting our ocean’s health from home. We all want a clean and healthy ocean, as it not only benefits the creatures living in the ocean, but helps keep us and the air we breathe healthy too. Our oceans are facing many man-made challenges right now, from plastic pollution to warming waters to […]

“Endangered White Shark Narrowly Escapes With Life”

By on 15 October 2016

In light of recent media attention to two incidents of great white sharks breaching diving cages in Guadalupe, Mexico, I figured now would be a good time to begin. First off, if you haven’t seen these pop up on your news feed yet, here is the first video, with over 9 million views in 2 days, […]