New Green Fins Video Helps Divers and Operators

Green Fins logo and image still from Green Fins new how-to video: Pre-Dive Environmental Briefings

By on 17 March 2017

Sustainable diving gurus Green Fins released this how-to video promoting environmental pre-dive briefings.

The first of a nine-part series, Green Fins‘ new video is a great tool to help dive and snorkel operators and guides build sustainability into their business practices. By highlighting the most important points of a good environmental briefing (no touching animals or corals, no gloves, etc), and showing how and when the briefing should be given (before getting in the water!), operators get very clear guidelines. For those dive and snorkel operators not already including good environmental briefings in their practices, the video is a great new motivational tool. And for divers and snorkelers wanting to know before they go, the video offers an example of what to expect from a responsible operator.

Check out Green Fins Pre-Dive Environmental Briefing video:

The briefing cards you see the guide using in the video are also part of Green Fins’ program. Though they only conduct their certification program in Asia, they do offer all of their sustainable diving materials free of charge (donation recommended!) to anyone who wants to use them. So dive and snorkel operators who are taking steps to become more sustainable and responsible can follow best practices, no matter their location or business size. Green Fins is a wonderful resource, and have put a lot of thought and effort into their programs and materials. (In case you missed it, I wrote a bit more about what Green Fins does in How to Find Sustainable Dive Operators: Part II.)

So there’s really no excuse NOT to be giving, or be given, a good environmental briefing before getting in the water. It is one of the best signs of a responsible operator, and one of the easiest to do.

Dive guides, what do you include in your pre-dive briefings? Anything you think could be added?

Divers and snorkelers, have you been given environmental briefings by your guides? Do you think operators are doing them well?

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