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Green Business & Travel Certifications: Sustainable Dive Ops Pt. IV

By on 12 June 2017

This is Part IV of the Guide to Finding Sustainable Dive Operators. Part I highlights dive training agency recognitions, Part II features scuba industry specific independent certifications, and Part III discusses voluntary standards for environmentally responsible diving. Non Diving-Industry Specific Certifications In the quest for a sustainable diving experience, you may need to look beyond the dive […]

Dive boats moored offshore

Voluntary Standards: Sustainable Dive Operators Pt. III

By on 9 May 2017

Sustainable dive operators all follow guidelines for implementing environmental best practices. Here are some excellent examples of voluntary standards created by, and for, dive operators in different areas around the world.

A green sea turtle underwater

Shop Smart: Souvenirs

By on 2 May 2017

Shopping responsibly makes a big difference for highly trafficked, and increasingly endangered, wildlife species. Here’s a quick look at what to look out for.

A giant manta ray, seen from below, glides gracefully through the water.

Saving Indonesia’s Manta Rays: A Story of Hope

By on 31 January 2017

Misool Baseftin’s A New Day In Lamakera Project Helps Manta Rays and Their Would-Be Hunters Live Sustainably and Harmoniously Every diver has a bucket list of dive destinations— the best spot for particular marine life, the most pristine, the most remote. Towards the top of my bucket list is Raja Ampat, Indonesia. A remote archipelago located […]

Two happy divers underwater in the Caribbean

How To Find Sustainable Dive Operators: Part II

By on 26 January 2017

This is Part II of the Guide to Finding Sustainable Dive Operators. Part I highlights dive training agency recognitions, Part III discusses voluntary standards for environmentally responsible diving, and Part IV presents green travel, tourism, and business certifications. Independently Evaluated Certifications and Recognitions, Dive Industry Specific Choosing a dive operator for your next dive trip or vacation can […]

DEMA Show 2016 – Success!

By on 21 November 2016

The show is over, but now the work begins! My first ever convention, The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA) Show, was a fantastic experience. It is the largest scuba diving industry trade-only event in the world, and this year’s show was held over four days in Las Vegas. Exhausting and overwhelming at times– there were hundreds […]