May, 2017

Two divers with fish id slate

Do Good While You Dive

By on 22 May 2017

Most of us go diving simply because it’s something we enjoy doing. But diving can be more than just a good time, it can offer an opportunity to do good too. Here are some ideas for giving back to the ocean while diving— and still having fun! Underwater Surveys Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) Volunteer […]

It's Endangered Species Day!

Endangered Species Day

By on 19 May 2017

Help raise awareness for special species threatened with extinction on Endangered Species Day. We are in the midst of a sixth mass extinction of our making. But we can make a difference to the many species of animals and plants that are in desperate need of our help. Educate yourself and others on threatened species, why […]

Save our national monuments graphic

Action Alert: Save Our National Monuments!

By on 15 May 2017

Public comments are now being accepted by the U.S. Department of the Interior on their reviews of National Monuments, including 5 Marine National Monuments, for potential oil, gas and other extraction. We must act now to make our voices heard in defense of these important protected places!

Mother’s Day, the Ocean Way!

By on 11 May 2017

We all know human moms are the best moms (obviously!), but how do ocean-dwelling moms do? Here’s a look at a few wonderful and weird marine-species mothering techniques that might make you grateful to be a land lubber. And this Sunday, don’t forget to wish the mothers in your life a Happy Mother’s Day!

Dive boats moored offshore

Voluntary Standards: Sustainable Dive Operators Pt. III

By on 9 May 2017

Sustainable dive operators all follow guidelines for implementing environmental best practices. Here are some excellent examples of voluntary standards created by, and for, dive operators in different areas around the world.

An empty conch shell on the beach

Meiofauna: Invisible Animals in the Sand

By on 4 May 2017

If you thought the beach sand beneath your feet was lifeless, think again. Millions of microscopic animals, invisible to the naked eye, inhabit the spaces between individual grains of sand. You’re not alone if you’d never given much thought to those sandy interstitial spaces, the spaces between, because I hadn’t either. Then I came across […]